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5 Benefits of Doing a Pilates Workout Beyond Lengthening, Strengthening & Toning.

Updated: May 18, 2020

If you live in Santa Monica, CA, you probably love being outside. We've got everything at our disposal, from riding bikes along the beach, surfing in the beautiful ocean, jogging, or even playing volleyball in the sand. Or maybe you just love hitting up your local fitness or yoga class. Over time, doing these repetitive movements can cause imbalances in your body. These imbalances create discomfort in areas of your body such as in your neck, your shoulders, and back pain, just to name a few. Pilates is a fantastic solution to create the necessary balance inside your body.

Pilates is a whole body exercise that has been around since the 1940’s. Created by the famed Joseph Pilates, who was known for his ability to fix dancer injuries, this method of exercise has taken the world by storm. It is now found in cities across the globe, offering different styles such as mat classes and equipment classes featuring the Reformer, Cadillac, and the Chair. With this workout still creating a buzz almost three quarters of a century later, let’s discuss some of its benefits of this amazing workout.

5 Benefits Of Pilates

Coordination: This is a key factor to the Pilates workout. Pilates trains you to use differing and opposing parts of the body smoothly and efficiently. This type of workout specifically encourages the coordination of breath and movement. Also, Pilates challenges you to stabilize your spine while enacting arm and leg movements. Coordination specifically connects your mind to your body allowing for greater control of your life.

Strength & Mobility: By doing either mat Pilates or on any of the apparatuses, each exercise strengthens and stretches the muscles. Therefore, it allows for better quality of movement while, in turn, getting stronger and more flexible. Proper Posture: Having good and proper posture is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of our lives, especially with our reliance on technology. With a Pilates workout, proper posture is achieved by strengthening and stretching the muscles that are imbalanced. After only a few sessions, you may become more aware of your bad posture habits and start noticing alignment issues within your body. Also, having proper posture helps your organs function properly.

Self-Awareness: Self-Awareness is something that isn’t easily obtained in some people. With Pilates, the focus on your body moving properly and in concert with the exercise helps you gain a better understanding of both yourself and the space around you, not to mention your body’s tightness and weaknesses. Being aware of these things will help you live a longer and healthier life.

Integration of Mind & Body: Being disconnected between these important facets can lead to a disconnect in our everyday lives. This workout improves the relationship between our minds and our bodies by making them work together through proper breathing and symbiotic movement that enhances quality of life.

If you're ready to live in a pain-free body that is strong, flexible, and ready for anything, I look forward to leading you through a Pilates workout designed specifically for you. With Pilates, we can achieve the goals you want to accomplish and to feel better in your body.

Email me at to schedule your appointment today!

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